How To Log On To Receive Your Primitive Archer Newsletters

Note: Prior to September 30, 2006, the Newsletter and Magazine were offered as a combined product. If you were a subscriber to PA Magazine prior to Sept 30, 2006 and have kept your subscription current, ie. maintained your same PA#, you continue to have free access to the Newsletter. However, the products are now separate and therefore new PA Magazine subscribers must subscribe to the newsletter separately in order to gain access.

Reading the the Newsletters.

For this first step, go to our home page at and under Community click on Newsletter Login (on the left side of the home page). You will be asked for a user name. Enter your PA# or PN# (or if you are a new Newsletter subscriber you will use the order # which you will receive when you register by clicking on the sentence below the password box.) Make sure you start your user name entry with the capital letters PA or PN whichever is appropriate to your type of subscription. Brand new subscribers just put in the numbers of your order #

After entering your PA# or your PN#, you will be asked for a password. Enter your zip code if you live in the United States or your country name if you live outside the United States.

My PA#, PN# or Order #_______________ My Zip Code or Country ______________

Now just click Login and you are in.

Remember, your PA# or PN# is emailed to you when you subscribe. You can get your PA# from the wrapper of your magazine or from your renewal notice. You can also get your PA# or your PN# by calling Sarah at 713-467-8202 or emailing her at

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