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19 th Marshall Primitive Archery Rendezvous Michigan

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Buckeye Guy:
Its time to start getting ready for Marshall !!
Memorial day weekend  May 25 -27 2012
All bows must be wood or natural materials ! (No fiberglass )
28 target 3D course
bear across the pond shoot
Bow building
More Fun
flint knapping
Food available on grounds
Did I mention we have fun
For more info check back here or call Mike Damon
@ 517 795 7987
I will be there by Thursday eve. See ya there !!
Buckeye Guy
Hosted by Wilder Creek Conservation Club Marshall MI

Myself and Marty (Old Timber Bows) will be set up under the pavillion with our bandsaw, tillering sticks and a bow scale to help all who would like to build bows.  We will have staves available or bring your own.  Can't wait til Memorial Weekend!

Old timber bows:
Like Matt said we will be there cant wait to see everybody bring tools and we are building bows under the new building , we are going to make a lot of yellow dust for the weekend hope to see everyone there until then make alot of bows and bring them to marshall take care and God bless. Old Timber bows ( Marty Tarrant)

I will be there with bells on you worthless nut! I want to see some arrows flying from that ash recurve Mr. Cant wait to hang out, build and shoot with you guys again. So I need to grab a stave or two and some tools then?

blackhawk: working on it...some way or another I wanna go...whether it be me n some penn boys,or me n my family,or both?? ???...or just me ??? I don't know yet. Because that's two trips in one month,with the classic being a few weeks prior.

Oh and that's if you boys wanna hang out again with your exodused brother in pennsyltucky. Not so sure ya do after the last pow-wow. maybe I need to ask for permission first :P  :laugh:


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