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Presque Isle shoot....Who's comming this year?

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This shoot is sneaking up on us fast ! The dates for this year's shoot is Friday May 25th, Saturday May 26th, and Sunday May 27th (campers may arrive earlier please give me a yell). The cost is $10.00 per person per day.  Kids under 12 are free, camping is free, and we supply fire wood for free. We are located in Northwest Pennsylvania, 564 Moore Rd., Waterford, PA 16441 for more info call or email me (Ryan) @ 814-873-2461 or

We have traditional vendors, door prizes, and an awesome "BREAKFAST BUFFET" served on both Saturday and Sunday morning in the club house. Hamburger, hot dogs, and beverages with also be available in the club house for lunch.
Saturday night we have a "POTLUCK DINNER" everyone brings a dish to pass and we all get together for some good eats!

We have a very unique shoot with two 25+ target courses through nicely wooded rolling terrain with small creeks and bridges. We also have several moving novelty targets set up through out the courses, such as a Running Whitetail Deer, a Treed Bear with hounds, a spinning strutting turkey, and a charging Boar. Last year, we also added an after dark Coon shoot, so bring a Flash light!

We also have a couple of unique contests on Saturday and Sunday.
 Saturday is our "SMOKER ROUND" we set a "Special course" with a mixture of 3D and home made 2D targets.
The object is to shoot through our "Special Course" with only one arrow for score.  The person able to finish the course with the highest score wins.  If you loose or break your arrow and are unable to finish you are out of the running.  You may only carry one arrow with you.  There will be two classes, natural (Wood/Cane/bamboo) and Man made (Carbon/aluminum/fiberglass).  You may continue to shoot your one arrow (even if it breaks) in order to finish the course.....The cost is $5 per person, one class per person only please. The winner splits the pot with the Club. (Last years winner won like $45)

Our other contest is on Sunday.  It's called the "TRADITIONAL BOW HUNTER CHALLENGE".  This contest is free to enter.  We set up a qualifier at the practice range some time sunday AM. You must shoot your best to qualify.  We only take the top 5 shooters for the actual contest.  This contest is a woods walk where we test your knowledge and ability as a actual traditional bow hunter.  You should bring anything you think you may need with you as if you were on a real hunt (No Broadheads though please).  Extra points may be awarded for being prepared for anything.... The winner of this contest will receive a nice prize and a trophy.

A BIG THANK YOU ! Go's out to all those of you that have attended this shoot in the past and have helped make this event what it is today.
 We hope to see you all back this year as well as plenty of new faces this year !

Ryan where have you been hiding Bud? Miss seeing some of those awesome recurves you make. I told Lulyn I wanted to try to make your even this year but don't know if I'll be able to. We are scheduled for the Classic the our event here in Central Oregon on May 18-20th  so it would be very jammed. I'll still be getting stuff back home that week before yours. ::)

I've been hanging around Keenan. Just haven't been building any bows as of late, and so I haven't been on here much either. It would be awesome if you can make it but if not I totally understand, that would be a heck of trip even if you werent cramped for time.

Me and some of my buddies are hoping to make it again this year...Great shoot and a great time...The food is awesome as well as the courses and company...

Sounds like fun man.  I'll definitelymake it up if I can.  I only live 2h away. 


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