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Securing fletching thread

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I like to wrap the front of my flecthings with fletching thread. I usually use a bit of Saunders glue (that I also use for my fletching) to secure thread. The glue doesn't really soak into the thread so sometimes it comes lose.

What do you use to secure the fletching thread? Should titebond 3 diluted with water work? Preferably I would like a transparant glue...If i am using white thread I would like it stay white



Pat B:
Stefan, I use what is known as a nail knot. I lay a seperate loop if thread down and wrap over that. When I get to the end of the wrap I tuck the tag end into the loop and pull the loop back through the wrap, pull it tight and cut the ends off clost as possible. I use super glue to seal the wraps. Once it is dry I use very fine sandpaper to smooth out the wrap. If necessary I add another coat of super glue to smooth it out.

Thanks Pat B,

I also use the nail knot, I will try super glue!

I would like to know what other people use,..

half eye:
      I secure and seal my wraps with clear fingernail polish. Generally, this will be a clear lacquer, and most all of the cheaper brands are all lacquer.  As the wraps start to "fuzz" through use, ya can simply recoat and smooth down if necessary. Also if you need to re-fletch the arrow you can (most of the time) make a small cut through the thread and peel the whole thing off, followed by a couple wipes with fingernail polish remover and the shaft is good as new.

not sayin its the best way.....just the way I do it

Thanks half eye,

I like your idea of clear fingernail polish, easy to apply and easy to get. I think I will give it a go.


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