Author Topic: 58" long 47# @ 28" sinew backed juniper Ishi style bow arrows and quiver  (Read 3866 times)

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I know I have posted this type of bow before, but this one has a slightly modified tiller and a longer full draw. True to the Ishi style in almost every way. Tips are slightly more narrow and although it does bend throughout the bow. The handle and tips bend less than near handle section. For performance reasons of course.
 Started with a perfect juniper stave with no flaws. This wide thin bow this long took between 2.5 and 3 oz of sinew to get a 3 layer backing. The bow was finished with vinegar steel wool treatment before final sanding with fine grit to get the right look. I felt accurate giving it a shellac finish since Ishi used it when he made his later bows. Handle is brain tanned deer. I made a sinew string for it, but the string in the photos is B50 endless. Maintains 3.75" reflex after shooting.
 I copied Ishi's otter quiver minus the incised designs. The arrows are the first shoot arrows I used a spine tester on. I sanded the shafts until I got all of them around 45-48#. The mainshafts are 28.5" long to match full draw. Took a lot of work to get the right shoots and keep them strait. Both the main shafts and fore-shafts are dogwood. I know Ishi used dogwood but I think he only used it for the fore-shafts. I copied a arrow from TBB V4. One of the arrows he made later in life to match a 28" draw. The points are antique glass. The best chert point was made by Jackcrafty. One iron point.
 The bow shoots great. Like all this style mas very little stack. Could probably take a bit more bend, but I want a long life and a smooth shooter. My draw is 26" but it testing this bow the 28" draw makes me more upright and did not hurt my accuracy.
Thanks for looking

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The only problem with the 28" draw for me is I had my mouth open in all 3 full draw photos. Arrow paint is red ocher and laundry blueing mixed with charcoal and sap.

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Full draw

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That's a sweet looking set! Great job! Cheers- Brendan

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That's awesome, I like everything about it.  Sinew Job looks mighty fine too! (-P

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Very nice setup there.  Cool to see you "copy" the old artifacts, right down to arrowheads and painting the arrows.  Great job.


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Beautiful bend, very nice job on that one. :) Pappy
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Everything looks awesome. That must have been a lot of work and I'm glad to know that it was all worth if. Congrats for sure!
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Wow that is a really beautiful matching set!

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Beautiful. Amazing work.

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That is some awesome work.  I look forward to your posts.  That set looks like it could have been in the hands of a California hunter 500 years ago.  I appreciate your attention to detail.  Ishi would be proud.
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Nice complete set. :OK
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We don't see your projects often enough. Outstanding!
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Great looking bow! What's the overall length?

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I really like that Chuck.
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