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Title: Yet more Atlatl discussion....
Post by: YosemiteBen on April 15, 2011, 10:33:06 pm
I have just read Jamies post from Dec, 2010. My understanding of the Banner stone or "ballast" is as follows - Much like when one is canoeing and digs deep into the water and tries to paddle the paddle "wobbles" in the hand and does not accomplish much work.  So with two thirds of the dart weight ahead of the "lever" the ballast or banner stone is said to counteract the wobble that might be created from extra weight in front of the actual lever and make for a smoother throw. I have made some atlatls but have not thrown them much or attached stones to them at this point. It is a part of my duties at Yosemit enational Park as an Indian Cultural Demonstrator, so in time.
Title: Re: Yet more Atlatl discussion....
Post by: straightarrow on May 03, 2011, 07:05:44 am
That is also my understanding. I attach stones to almost all my atlatls.  I have never used the bannerstone because of the cost. You can get replica's on ebay but they are not cheap. I postion the stone on the atlatl so there is perfect balance in my hand. Of course you want to put the dart on the atlatl when your trying to get your balance. I am trying to remember but I think my stones weigh around 60-75 grams. Its debatable whether or not a stone makes your throw harder.

Here is a great website....

Title: Re: Yet more Atlatl discussion....
Post by: M-P on June 29, 2011, 02:07:04 pm
Howdy,   I play around with atlatls too.   I've read a lot of varying opinions on what the atlatl weights do.   I'm not very good yet so my opinion may change, but while the weights do seem to make the atlatl feel more balanced, I have yet to notice any positive affect on performance ( distance or accuracy).   They do add some beauty and 'medicine'.
Weights are easy to carve out of soapstone or catlinite.
As an aside, I made some takedown aluminum darts lately.  Now I can carry a dart or two and an atlatl in my quiver, so I can make a few practice throws every time I 'm at the range.
Title: Re: Yet more Atlatl discussion....
Post by: swamp monkey on December 21, 2011, 12:08:38 am
I have taught a lot of people to throw darts with atlatls and I have noticed some guys try too hard and can actually throw too hard and too fast.  I wonder if a banner stone that is hefty slows you down on purpose?   Thoughts?