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imgur thumbnails tutorial

append letters to filenames to post thumbnails instead of full size pics when using imgur

For example, the image located at has the Medium Thumbnail located at

The thumbnails are:

s = Small Square (90x90)
b = Big Square (160x160)
t = Small Thumbnail (160x160)
m = Medium Thumbnail (320x320)
l = Large Thumbnail (640x640)
h = Huge Thumbnail (1024x1024)[/quote]

when the appended filename in the hyperlink is enclosed with img tags by selecting the hyperlink with your mouse in and clicking the insert img icon above, in the editor menu, the thumbnail itself is posted rather than the hyperlink,

and of course, clicking on either link will direct your browser to the respective sized pic at imgur
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there are many free services online that will resize images for you
just search for "online resize image"
pick one result
upload your original images and download the resized images

images usually comes in 3:4 or 16:9 ratio so just set the biggest dimension to 640 and let the computer set the other according to ratio