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 I was clearing some brush along my driveway this morning and I caught some movement along the ground. When I looked closely, sure nuff there was a timberdoodle, aka. wood cock. I haven't seen one here in over 20 years. The area where he was is old, planted white pines with springs and drainages so it looked like a perfect place for this little guy with a long, prehensile  beak. I hope he likes it enough to hang around for a while.
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Re: Timberdoodle!
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it's been a very long time since I have seen any

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Re: Timberdoodle!
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I see them pretty regularly on our property - lots of times they give me a good scare by trying to wait me out and then flushing at the last minute.  A mama woodcock was giving me the old broken wing act sometime last year, so they must be nesting around that spot.