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Texas Big Nasty hog Contest
« on: February 07, 2010, 01:00:38 pm »
They kicked off registration for teams for the big contest headquartered in Pine Forest,Tx. yesterday.They invited us to set up a table again ,so my Son-in-law and I went.We were once again the only folks present with Prim/trad equipment.But this year,we had so many interested in our equipment we did'nt get a chance to shoot much.We still sold nothing,but ,had several possibilities for bow,arrow,and reflexed stave sales.I think we planted some "seeds" last year. ;).Most of these fellas are hard-core modern equipment.We also got a couple of invites to hunt,and a fella who wanted to come video out pig huntin'"method". Willy,the feral hog was there again this year,and he's weighing in about 300 lbs. It was an all around good time,and I'm hopeful for future results.Sorry I forgot my camera so no pics from this one. God Bless
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