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Life is good

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I can't wait until next weekend! ;D

You guys are so lucky. I wish I lived closer. Them sure are some good lookin snakes you got there. I know somebody that works for the county highway department too. I never thought about having them pick up snakes for me. I believe I need to give him a call.

Man I gotta get there sometime - you guys got it made!! Got any barn space available for rent? I'll just move in.

Marc St Louis:
Looks like a good time. Do you eat the snakes? I've never eaten any myself, mostly because you just don't see big ones up here any more.  My grandfather used to eat them but then he was mostly native :)

What can I say I'm jealous. Looks like a good time was had by all. The stew looks tasty. the pile of staves looks tastier though.
And best of all no snow!!! We've been getting dumped on :(



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