Author Topic: Pre Spring Arrow Fling at Tannehill Iron Works  (Read 3450 times)

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Pre Spring Arrow Fling at Tannehill Iron Works
« on: February 28, 2010, 12:49:58 pm »
My Grandson and I attended the event on Saturday, and we had an absolute blast. We were able to meet a few of the members of PA forum there. Mark (AKA Hillbilly61), Bill Skinner, and Josh among them. Josh sorry we didn't get to shoot together, maybe at the Howard Hill Classic. I wont show my scorecard here, I will admit though that the good thing about my shooting, is it can only get better. I will however reveal my real score at Tannehill. Besides the fellowship with folks with a love for traditional archery, I got these. From left to right 70 inch fine ringed Osage, Red Mullberry (does anyone see more than one bow in there), and Bamboo.

Thank you Mark for the Bamboo, with that kind of node spacing, I am sure that my first Bamboo backed bow will be a success.

For those who made the Chili for the Chili feed. Wow, good stuff. My Grandson and I have been taking turns punishing each other with the effects of that potent blend of flavors. Terry thank you to you and your compatriots for hosting such a fine event, I'm sure it will be an even bigger success next year.

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