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Clarification and answers to questions about the rules
« on: March 30, 2007, 12:06:00 pm »
There have been some good questions from members about the rules in this new forum. After discussing things among the moderators and getting direction from the management at PA we would like to share with everyone some additional information.

1) What items can be posted for trading here?

The management at PA has said that they are OK with pretty much any type of item within reason. The items do not have to be just related to primitive archery but trying to sell your women and children may be frowned upon :)

2) What about money for shipping?

It costs money to ship stuff you trade for so that's completely OK to talk money for that but it really would be better to discuss such trade details offline via email between parties instead of posting on the forum. Remember that the specifics of the deal/trade are between you folks and PA has nothing to do with nor is responsible for them.

3) What if someone you arrange a trade with doesn't fulfill their part of the bargain or for some reason there is a dispute regarding the trade?

Not to sound like a broken record but you need to remember that PA and the moderators are not responsible for any trades you arrange. But PA certainly does not want a situation where an individual is taking advantage of the trust and good faith of other members by not honoring their agreements. So if you have a trade that is not fullfilled and you have made every effort to resolve the matter between yourselves first then you can notify the moderators of the situation. The moderators are not mind readers and are not going to try and figure out who is right and wrong but if the moderators begin to see a pattern of complaints about an individual they may decide to ban that individual from the message board. PA always reserves the right to ban someone from the message board for any or no reason as it sees fit.

If you have more questions or need further clarification let us know. Thanks for your cooperation and support.
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