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Hey all,
If you find this forum helpful and you enjoy what it has to offer, consider supporting the business that allows this forum to be possible.  You can do so buy buying a subscription to the magazine OR a subscription to the eMag. 
$20 gets you a 1year subscription to our eMag.

Supporting Primitive Archer Magazine is a way of supporting everyone here who loves the art of making a bow! 
Please subscribe today!!

Thanks guys!

Okey Dokey, I just subscribed.


I saw that!!  Thanks George!   ;D
greatly appreciated!

Thanks for the reminder - been meaning to for a while now.  It sucks listening to people talking about articles and having to wait a couple weeks for it to hit the magazine racks :)

I have a 3 year subscription.. I think.. Got the magazine way before I joined here.. don't know why I was sooo hesitant to join.. but it has been fun ;D

Jorge get with the program :D


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