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First morning out this season.
« on: September 19, 2011, 07:43:50 pm »
Well our archery season started on Sept 15th but I didn't have  my arrows finished until Saturday afternoon. It's been raining here all weekend but I got to shoot them after church on Sunday. First time huntin with all stone points and I was shooting about a four inch group at 20yds. Good to go then. Up this morning at 5 and while my wife was feeding our 5 month old daughter I got dressed and headed out back to my neighbors. I helped him build a stand last week and we set it up over a small wheat plot. He said he wasn't going to hunt it this year so it was all mine to hunt, Whoohoo! It's only about 300 yards from my back door. Got in the stand around 5:50, legal shooting light was 6:25 this morning. As I was up there I started feeling pretty poorly(the whole families been sick this past week and I just happen to start feeling it my first morning out....crap!). So about eight o'clock I climb down cause I'm just not feeling well, and I start back to the house. I spy a little trail that leads from the corner of my fence and thought "what the heck" so I turned and went down it just looking for sign. I was creeping along and caught some motion from the corner of my eye and stopped still. A nice big doe was coming right at me, she never saw me and as she went behind a tree I dropped to one knee and got ready to draw. She came out and stopped perfectly in a clearing broadside at a hair over 20 yards. Couldn't have been better. She dropped her head to browse some and I drew back and released. Looked good and it went right where I was looking but she was just ducking underneath it. Broke my first stone point on a tree but now I get to make a new one.
Good first morning. At least I got a shot off!
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