Author Topic: PLEASE READ THE RULES!!!  (Read 1501 times)

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« on: March 03, 2012, 11:50:51 am »
In the last 2 days I have deleted 3 different direct links to companies that are not sponsors of PA. It is against the rules to do this but apparently some folks don't think this rule applies to them.
 From now on, ANYONE that posts a direct link that is not appropriate for PA will get a warning. A second offence will result in a temporary ban and if it happens yet another time that ban will be permanent.
  I know that there is a lot of good info that would be helpful as far as suppliues, etc. If you have such info thatr you would like to share with folks here on PA, give that info out but ask folks to contact you for more info.
  I've started a list of names that I have contacted about these rule infractions but have not officially issued a warning...YET. I will start doing this now. If you post a direct link to an inappropriate site here on PA you will be given a stearn warning and put on my list.

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