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A club here in the UK has been devastated by thieves who broke into the storage area and stole the majority of their 3D targets.

Sadly it must be "archers" involved as only archers would know where the club is, what is there etc. Sadly it must alos be "archers" who buy the stolen kit. Sadly this is really hitting and hurting genuine archers and clubs and may well kill file darchery here.

I would like to suggest a special area where those who have archery kit stolen and post details so that we can all look out for these things on Ebay and elsewhere and cut across national boundaries and across different shooting societies.

Moderators please move if you think it needs it but please consider this issue as a serious one.

The following items were stolen from UK National Field Archery Club Company of 60;

Large Targets   
Reinhart   Rising Boar   l   Used
Reinhart   leopard / stump   l   Used
Reinhart   cougar    l   Used
Reinhart   browsing buck   l   New

Medium Targets   
Reinhart   Cinnamon bear   m   Used
Reinhart   Bowhunter Buck   m   Used
Reinhart   Bowhunter Buck   m   Used
Eleven    WhiteSpot Pig   m   New
Reinhart   Peccary    s   New
Reinhart   Baboon    m   New
Reinhart   Snarling Fox   m   New
Reinhart   Coyote    m   old
Reinhart   peccary    s   Used

Small Targets   
Reinhart   skunk    s   Used
Reinhart   green frog   s   Used
Reinhart   mini bear   s   Used
Artefact   Large Owl/Stump   s   Used
Reinhart   Raccoon    s   New
Artefact   Chipmunk w Log   s   poor

Gosh, Mark. So sorry to hear about that. That's a shame that someone would do that to you guys. I agree. Maybe we do need someplace to post lost/stolen items.

Thats a truck load. Amazing guts to hang around that long and load that much up. Stupid to.

I will definitely keep my eyes out for any of yalls stuff. I have absolutely zero respect for thieves. My house was broken into last year and it really left a bad taste in my mouth. >:(

We have had two local clubs shut down in the last 10 years due to stolen targets.
Damn shame.



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