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I have only one LTE for this next issue that's being put together right now. I need more! Don't some of you have a comment about a recent issue?..... Good, Bad, or indifferent?

Ed Ingold

email him at

Dear Editor,

I heard you were concerned when you had not recieved any "letters to the editor" and were scrambling to find something for the upcoming issue of P.A. 

Most guys are happy they aren't getting their butt chewed.

By the way, even though I am not one of those flakey rock knockers, I do appreciate the new column from Patrick Blank.  Thanks for keeping the magazine fresh without slipping away from the core values. 

John Halverson
Subscription number 106475

Thanks JW...
I passed your sentiments on to Ed.  He really wants to hear from the readers.  I sent out a message through the mass PM last Jan.  Talking about our 20th Anniversary.  He received quite a few letter!! He was like a kid at Christmas.
It really helps him to know the direction you all want the magazine to go.  What you like and also what you don't like. 

I agree the addition for "From the Pit" has been a great thing!  Patrick has done a good job with that and with handling our social media area on Face Book.  The benefit there is we are attracting people from all over the world.  Funny how Primitives still use the technology to connect.  But it does help keep the past alive.  For some it is their only contact with people who enjoy the same things as they do.

For Ed it is how he feels connected to his readers.  He loves to get those letters!!   ;D

As always JW we appreciate your continued support!




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