Author Topic: Congratulations to simson for winning August Backed BOM!!!  (Read 4891 times)

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Congratulations to simson for winning August Backed BOM!!!
« on: September 24, 2013, 04:05:40 pm »
Congratulations to simson for winning August Backed BOM!!!!,41624.0.html

Here is what simson had to say:  Pappy, I apologize for the teasing!  After taking the pics, I realized that the first posted one looked realistic like a snake. The kinda 'blind' scale looks like an eye and a line like a mouth. So I couldn't resist , sorry for your afford moving that thread and redoing!  Having much trouble with the HLD bow buildalong since some time, I wanted to have a positive feeling about a finished bow. Having always a bunch on the bench, I crapped this one and put on the last coat. Hope you like it too.  This was a never ending story, lasting now over two years. It started as an experimental project to see what is possible with osage/sinew and what is the right ratio. I did several sinew layers on that, in between the bow was shot and tillered and retillered and so on. But now I call it finished!  The stave needed several times heat correcting, also twist (horrible!) correcting until the string was nearly in line. This bow has single kerf nocks cut in the same side (not opposing) not for looks, but to bring the string in the correct position.  This piece has lot of character, snakey and sideward changing crown on the back. Layout is a symmetrical, bend through the handle, static recurve.  Length is only 56, recurves are steamed in, sinew is all ostrich (from the pet shop!).  The last layer is applied as heavy crown, I estimate the ratio 1:3 (sinew/osage). Sinew wrappings are under the nocks and in the handle area, to prevent popping off.  Handle is upholstered with a strip of leather for more comfort, hemp wrap is particularly dyed in matching colors of the skins. The skins are glued on with TBIII and now finished with shellac and a few coatings of hardoil. Arrow pass is stingray leather.  Let me hear your estimations about the drawweight! Tip: it's 41/16 mm midlimb, mass is 682grams.  Bow can be drawn to 28.  I post a force draw curve in a few days.  Now enjoy!

Here are just a few of the comments from forum members:
The Power of SINEW!!!!!!!Unbraced profile says it all on that short of a bow with the wiggles in it with that poundage.  Beadman
Respect.  Wonderful and agressive and stunning. Like it a lot. :-) Bowman
I've never seen anyone hit that weight with this type of bow. It's beautiful and fascinating. Ostrich sinew...huh!? Parnell
that bow is a work of art. excellent as usual. and what a draw weight. Danny f

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Re: Congratulations to simson for winning August Backed BOM!!!
« Reply #1 on: September 26, 2013, 10:57:39 pm »
Congrats on both wins this month, both were very unique bows.  I finally got the collages done and they were added above.

One question though... is it Simson or Simon (just wondering if the people calling you Simon know something I don't  ;D )