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Lots of new folks on here and thought it would be a good idea to see where ya were from. im in connecticut the yuppie state. lots of rich lazy people who like to give me money to maintain their over embelished properties where i plant tree i can use for bowwood and shrubs i can get arras from and plants the deer like to eat so i can hunt them. lol. peace

Northeast Ohio here...

Pat B:
Jamie, I'm glad you posted this. I been thinking about to doing the same. Knowing where folks are from is interesting and we can help some of the new guys with what kind of wood they have available in there areas.       

 Pat......Brevard, NC.      In the mountains of  the Southern Blue Ridge...and just across the mountains from NCHillbilly.

Evil Dog:
So Cal.... where the only thing that costs more than gasoline is diesel fuel. 

Ft Hood, TX Here


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