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Congratulations to IdahoMatt  (Matt Kulchak) for winning December Self BOM with his Mountain Maple D bow!!!

Here is the link to his build:,43593.msg

Here is what Matt had to say of his build:  Finally got around to taking pics of this bow. It is my fist D bow, and my first time using mountain maple. It is a very nice wood to work. It smells nice and gave way readily to hand tools. Final specs are 58" ntn and pulls 47#@27". The tips are cow horn, first time working horn too. I like everything about horn but the smell. Kinda makes he hungry for steak. Only kidding. It started out with just under four inches of dried in reflex and hold just under an inch at rest. I was going to temper the belly but wanted to see if this wood could handle it. And it did. Any critique is more than welcome.

Matt Kulchak

Here are what some forum members had to say about Matt’s bow:

Really nice simple bow! I love mountain maple.   Zion

Excellent bow Matt, nice lean lines, great tiller and those tip overlays are perfect. Also like how smoothly you rounded all the edges, gives it a real clean look. My kinda bow there.  Badly Bent

Sweet! That's an exceptional bow. I just like looking at it.  Primitive Tim

That's about as perfect of a D bow tiller as I've seen. Beautiful.  hedgeapple

I really like the contrast between dark and the white maple. I've seen some awesome bows on this forum, but am always drawn to a simple bow. In this case, simple = outstanding! Love the look, great job. Dave Mc

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Congratulations Matt. Nice bend on that bow.
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congratulations Matt. That is a classic arc of a circle tiller for sure. Well done.
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Nice work Matt, Tiller looks spot on

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Congrats. It looks fantastic.

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Thanks guys it really means a lot


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Way to Matty!
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Awesome! You had my vote :)
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Thanks Chris and Will. Both of your bows are crazy awesome.