Author Topic: Congratulations to Carson(CMB) for winning December Backed BOM with his Kingfish  (Read 6328 times)

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Congratulations to Carson(CMB) for winning December Backed BOM with his Kingfisher: 60# @ 28” Osage Static with Brush Nocks!!!

Here is the link to his build:,44104.0.html

Here is what Carson  had to say of his build:  Finally had some nice weather for a bow photoshoot. I ended up taking lots of pics...bear with me. This is a bow I had been working on for a while. Stave was a well seasoned shorter piece of osage from crooket arrow. I got a little aggressive bending the tips and lifted some good splinters. Rasped this down flat and glued on chunks of yew. The yew ended up developing checks in drying, but I got that licked with a little horn lamination as "runners" on the outer edge of the brush nocks and then also in the valley of the upper nock. The bow is backed with whitetail rawhide applied with hideglue. The tip overlays are bison horn. The bow draws 60# even at 28" but I find myself shooting it at a shorter draw of about 26" to 27". It is 54" as measured straight-line nock to nock. It has enough set after shooting that the recurve tips lay just ahead of the handle. Reflexed an inch after resting. The grip is cane wrap. It put up 164 fps after a long session of shooting with a 9.5 gpp arrow. The finish is shellac followed by alternating coats of raw linseed oil and a string wax blend I make from beeswax and fir rosin. This bow was a labor of love. It is a joy to shoot and maneuvers nicely through the woods.

Here are what some forum members had to say about Carson’s bow:
I will be going back to look at this bow more than once for sure. Outstanding!  Rps3

Now THAT is a nice bow! What a work of art! Truly inspiring.  Arrowind

What a beautiful bow,that took alot of talent.  Dave 55

You pulled that off nicely! Love the brush nocks  you are an artist    Will H

I've been waiting to see this bow get posted for a long time. I'm not disappointed. The tiller is bang on and the tips are truly killer. This bow will be bow of the month, it's really great. I just have one question, how much did you have to pay that male stripper to pose for your full draw shots?    Weylin

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What a bow!  Congratulations Carson.
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Sweet bow sir. Congrats


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Bang up job Carson!
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Well deserved Carson!
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 :)what a stunning bow fantastic tips keep it up

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Thanks guys!!!
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