Author Topic: Congratulations to bubby for winning October Backed BOM!!!!  (Read 2472 times)

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Congratulations to bubby for winning October Backed BOM!!!!
« on: January 05, 2015, 03:27:36 pm »
October Backed BOM

Bubby from Red Bluff, CA entered his West Coast Ash bow in the October Backed Bow of the Month contest.  The bow is made in the style Ishi made his bows.  Ishi was the last surviving member of the Yahi tribe of Northern California.  He walked out of the stone age into the 1916 industrial age near Oroville, CA.  The name Ishi means man in Yahi as “there was no one to name him.”  Bubby has been entering his bows and he’s made some remarkable “Hunger Games” bows that were the envy of the forum and envied by kids near and far.  The artistic design and the colors are reminiscent of the color of sugar pine cones in the fall.  The bright yellow color brings back memories of ash trees growing on the banks of the Sacramento.  The blinding white reminds me of the snowcapped mountains around Lassen where Ishi grew up and was ultimately buried.   Congratulations to Bubby for winning October Backed Bow of the Month contest with his West Coast Ashe bow!!!!  Well done my friend!!

Bubby shared this with us about his beautiful bow: Hey guy's this is a sinew backed ash bow in the west coast design, she's 54" ttt and pulling about 53# @25" , it's a few inches longer but I got all the demension's from the Ishi bow in one of the book's, I had about 3" of reflex to star and she's pretty flat now.  here's the full draw best I could get with my phone i'm at a slight angle, that arrow is a full 31" so i'm probably drawing it 27"-28",one rabbit silencer on it, and I got the idea for the design from either Jim Hamm's book or native American bows and arrows both good book's, shoot's pretty smooth for the layout just a hair of a buzz on release, hope y'all like her,49007.0.html

Forum members always like seeing old bows found in books brought back.  Here are some comments from our Primitive Archer Forum members: 
I bet ya know I like it bub, may be my favorite of all the fine bows you've posted here. Good call on the paint design and you did a heck of a job on it too.  Badly Bent
Dang Bubby that is one gorgeous West Coast!  As everyone has already said, and I will say it again, the paint/artwork is awesome man. The bend is money as usual from you    Don
Your shorties are so cool. Love it. It amazes me that you get so little set on such short bows. Its a testiment to your tillering skills.  Sidewinder
I always like to see your bows.  That one is very very nice.  Great job!  Must have taken a while.  Arrowind
Really cool Bub.  Really nice touches and the color combo really stands out.  Parnell
Hey Bub, This is a great looking bow.  Got a lot of draw length out of her.   Gabe
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