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Actual start up
« on: February 06, 2015, 05:32:27 pm »
  One of our biggest challeneges will be the creation of new clubs and officials. We will have some tradeoffs in this area to look at.

  I would propose that anyone wanting to create a club in their region would require no more than a minimum of 4 archers, no less than two of which will become officials.
A rapid start up will force us to forego the usual custom of bringing archers up through the ranks as they gain experience. This will cost us some of our credability which we will have to win back as we go.

  An official should have a thourough knowledge of the rules and procedures we will be using and the ability to acquire the needed equipment we will be using at flight shoots. A prospective official will be interviewed by telephone of e email by at least two committee members before acceptance. Not much else!

  The committee will make available all information and details regarding rules, procedures needed supplies and where to acquire them as well as an estimate on costs.

 I would suggest each club shoot charge a small entry fee to support themselves with. The committee will collect any operating costs which should be very small from the clubs.

  I would encourage clubs to be no closer than 200 miles but I doubt this will be much of a problem.

  All communication, forms, schedules, rules, records, results etc will be on a common web site and be downloadable including any forms that might be needed.

 The committee will create a video of the entire process including the weight station, registration and managing the group.

  I would assume that a board of directors will be formed and offices would go up for election each year, board memebers would be selected from officials. I would hope that we could maintain enough vounteers to run for office to keep things going.

  Any other ideas or suggestions?