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Posting a direct link...a no no!
« on: November 05, 2015, 11:19:00 am »

Lately we've had a few folks posting direct links to commercial sites. It is against our rules to post a direct link to any commercial company unless they are a sponsor of PA. Please, everyone read our rules before posting.
If you do post a direct link you will get a warning. The second warning will result in a temporary ban and another after that will result in a permanent ban...and we don't want that.
 I know there is lots of good info on line but there are ways to post that info without posting a direct link. Give the name of the company and let whomever is interested Google it. As long as you can't click directly on a link it is OK to post also.
 If anyone sees a direct link posted, either contact the poster so they can make the change or contact one of the Mods or Admins so we can make the change and we can contact the poster to explain the problem and the remedy.

  Thanks,  Pat
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Re: Posting a direct link...a no no!
« Reply #1 on: November 05, 2015, 05:43:49 pm »
This rule does not make much sense to this country boy.  But let me follow that by saying I still have always followed it.  Its ok to say check out "primitive archer" but not "".  Obviously i used primitive archer as the example to not break the rule.  It would seem to me it would be all or nothing.  Saying "google this" and just putting a space between words and no .com on the end is still advertising/passing along  word of that company.  Just one of those things in life that make no sense but still have to abide by i guess.  Let me add that this is not meant to be argumentative at all.  I understand the company makes money from advertising.  Im just saying their rule does not keep anyone from advertising a company that does not pay.
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