Author Topic: Primitive Archer's new e-Mag is here!!!  (Read 4031 times)

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Primitive Archer's new e-Mag is here!!!
« on: February 20, 2008, 12:22:44 am »
eMag is up and running.  For those of you that have PA numbers on your magazines....our long time subscribers automatically have access as we are honoring our word that if you keep renewing then you have special perks.  Before it was the e-Newsletter but this is replacing it. For the few of you who subscribed to the e-Newsletter and therefore have a PN number on your subscription, we are also honoring your subscription and you automatically have access to the e-Mag.  We hope that those of you who don't like waiting for your issue to come in the mail or want to pay shipping and handling fees this is a geat solution.
Check it out.
If you already have access (PA or PN) then go to and find the e-Mag login button on the left.  You login just like before.
If you want to subscribe, go here
Enjoy!  ;D
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