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osage outlaw:
I've seen Bills arrows at the different bow shoots we attend and I've always wanted a set.  It's easy to spot his arrows.  He does an amazing job on them.  I worked out a trade at Marshall with Bill for a dozen.  He delivered them today and I was super happy to get them.  They fly as good as they look. The shafts are Hill Cane from PatB with duplex nail points.  He put the tracer feathers on most of them.  They really stand out.   

Thanks again for the arrows Bill.

Pat B:
Nice arrows Bill and congrats Clint. That hill cane makes some pretty good arrows.

Danzn Bar:
Thanks Guys......And your welcome Clint
First time using hill cane...............and I must say, it's one of the top shafts I've used,
@ PatB we are going to have to talk trade some time.....:)

Pat B:
Can do, Bill.

Bill makes some of the nicest arrows I've seen hands down. congrats!


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