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Re: Frodo welcome back!
« on: January 03, 2017, 11:12:23 pm »
Glad you made it out of Mordor!  The eagles fly true!  There are some new recipes posted:). And a whole bunch of " newbies" including me.  Other than shooting compounds, what has the world been doing to you?  Other than making you incognito? :).  Always learn something new or refresh something you forgot.  Compounds ain't all bad, sometimes they are pt ( not physical therapy -actually pain and torture! :)!).  I was a medic in the real world :)!  Look at the grass Fromm the green side and remember: there are three good reasons to be up before sunrise, work ain't one of them.  Also, sunrise should only be seen from the midnight side -especially if you go "bump in the night"
Life is far too serious to be taken that way!