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FLIGHT 2017 Poland
« on: February 18, 2017, 06:40:54 am »
In 2017 the International Flight Archery Tournament will be organized in cooperation with the Polish Traditional Archery Association and Byczyna Knights Town . Apart from the tournament itself, we plan to have numerous accompanying attractions, for example :

- lectures and workshops on archery - Mr Adam Swoboda, Mr Murat Ozveri, Mr Piotr Kosiorek, Mr Adam Radziun
- medieval artillery and siege-trains display and shooting
- knife and spear throwing teaching, making hand-made paper, weaving and pottery teaching, blacksmiths workshop, guillpen writing
- visiting a torture chamber and medieval escape room

The tournament participants and their accompanying persons will be accomodated in medieval style rooms in the knights town.Special price for a night for archers is 10 Euro. If you prefer to stay at a hotel, we suggest hotels in Byczyna.

We provide full board for the tournament participants, both on Saturday and Sunday - breakfast, lunch and dinner; on Saturday night we plane to have a medieval-style feast.

We encourage our tournament archers to dress up in historic outfits.

Take a trip back in time together with us to the Middle Ages and join to the biggest flight archery tournament in Europe

Send your applications to the following e-mail address:

For more informations contact Mr Lukasz Nawalny at 0048 693 308 378

Entrance fee is 40 euro. It covers the tournament participation, participation i all workshops, lectures and other events, as well as board. The fee is payable to bank account after your application has been verified.

The schedule of lecture and events may be subject to change


There are four categories of bows draw weight
Up to 35 pounds, up to 50 pounds, up to 70 pounds and open category – without draw weight limits. Additional “overdraw” category includes all types of devices for lengthening bow draw, for example turkish siper or korean maira. There are no draw weight categories in overdraw category
The tournament allows for all traditional style bows without bow shelves. This year bows with shelves or any types of supports are not allowed. The general rule is that arrows have to be rested on hand. The rule does not apply to overdraw category. Safety gloves are allowed.


Only natural material arrows are allowed: nocks and arrowheads made from wood ,horn or metal. Fletchings made from feathers, parchment, paper etc. Shafts made from wood, bamboo, cane etc. Materials that are not allowed: carbon, aluminium, plastic etc. Plastic nocks are not allowed.
Each and every arrow registered for the tournament has to be legibly signed (given both first name and surname)
Borrowing, lending and exchanging arrows by tournament participants is prohibited


a) Bow draw weight must not exceed the category limits ( 35, 50, 70 pounds) per declared arrow length. For example, if we want to participate in up to 70 lb category and we use 24 inch arrow, the bow must not exceed 70 pounds per 24 inch, if we use 32- inch arrow the bow must not exceed 70 lb per 32 inches, etc. The arrow length must not exceed the declared load. The draw weight of each bow will be measured to the belly of the grip before the tournament. The measurement tolerance is 1 pound
b) Mechanical release, e.g. compound release is not allowed- you shoot with fingers or a thumb ring
c) Structures made up of two or more bows joint together are not allowed
d) Bowstring materials – no limitation.


a) Each participant is allowed to register 2 bows in any of the categories. If you register 2 bows, you have 4 shots per one bow. If you register 1 bow you have 8 shots per one bow. Each shoot may be given with a different arrow or the same one repeatedly – you are free to chose. 1 best result per a bow counts. The participants who use 2 bows decide at registration wchich bow to use on wchich day. You make your declaration at the verification and marking of the equipment, the declaration must not be changed later on.
b) Overdraw category – device length – no limitation, arrow length – no limitation
c) Archers shoot 4 rounds per day, 1 shot on one round
d) There will be a 10 meter wide lane with marked distance lengths. If an arrow leaves the lane, the measurement is made perpendicularly to the lane


The winners in each of the 5 categories will be awarded with diplomas and prizes

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Re: FLIGHT 2017 Poland
« Reply #1 on: February 19, 2017, 06:16:23 pm »
A little out of my range but sounds like a blast. Arvin
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Re: FLIGHT 2017 Poland
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Looks like a great family event.I imagine your shooting range is something else too.
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