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Traditional Bowhunters of Arkansas presents

Arkansas State Longbow Championship

and All Traditional Blanket Shoot

September 2-3, 2017

Championship Equipment

Longbows and self-bows with wooden arrows only.,

Field Points only, no Sights, Stabilizers, Release Aids, Or String Walking

Acceptable longbows must meet the guidelines of The Arkansas Longbow Association

Championship Awards

Buckles and Pins; 1st, 2nd, 3rd Mens, Ladies, Seniors, Youth and Selfbow

Seniors = 65 & older, Juniors = 14 & under


$10 individual, $ 20 family


9:00AM (Registration closes at 8:30am) Shotgun Start

The Championship competition and all blanket shoot rounds will consist of 28 targets

The Arkansas Longbow Association is an organization designed to preserve

the tradition and heritage of the American Longbow

Acceptable Longbow Guidelines

String cannot touch the limbs after leaving the nock, No massive handles or weighted risers ( 3 above the shelf = no more than 1 1/8 back to belly, 6 below the shelf, - no more than 1 1/2 from back to belly)

Self-Bow Guidelines

Self-Bows shall be of a solid wood core. Any backing to be no more than 1/4 of limb thickness.

An evaluation committee shall make final decisions regarding acceptable equipment


The range will be open for Blanket shoots and Fun rounds Saturday afternoon and Sunday, entry $10. Our recurve friends are invited. All Traditional equipment will be included.

We plan on having a good time come join us!

Mayflower Archery Range

Take Exit 135 (Mayflower) off of Interstate 40 onto Arkansas Highway 89. Go East on 89 for approximate-ly 4 miles, turn left onto Clinton road go approximately 2 miles to shoot location. Game and fish signs along 89 indicate distance to Public Archery range.

Contact Chris Davis or one of the TBA board members for additional information



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Can I shoot your bow and arrows Bob?
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you know you can!  You just be careful on the river my friend...

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Not sure if I could make it Bob.  But it sounds like a fun time! Its a little over 3 hours for me.  Post pictures though!

Yeah Dave,  you be safe my friend!

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I wish that I could make it too... I was so stoked and would have camped there a few days with friends, but I was informed that I would be 2  hours west of here at my grand-daughters 5th birthday party... :(  I will go visit everyone on Friday and help setup, and may try to go back on Sunday for the awards and fun shoot. ... but next year it's on my calendar already!   :OK

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That oughta be a good time.Like the rules including only wood arrows.
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yes, you would really enjoy this shoot.  The local club has a great bunch of people in it.  The new facilities also has several nice full access RV camps and a big air conditioned building if you need to cool down and visit in comfort.

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The shoot will be awesome and so will the weather! Everyone will have a great time. Here is the link (I hope) to the Traditional Bowhunters of Arkansas Facebook page and the flyer should show up there... it is our 20th year and fashioned after the Texas Longbow shoot... thanks!