Author Topic: hunting vs target shooting what am I doing wrong.  (Read 1078 times)

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Re: hunting vs target shooting what am I doing wrong.
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Each person has to find a way to quell the excitement during anticipation of the shot.Figure the deer to not do what you think he or she should for a shot.If it is'nt there for whatever reason usually it's position with me let it go.If it is zero down on it.Patience!It's not an end of the world disappointment if things don't work out.The experience of almost a shot is fun too.
Working the odds helps by being out there often,but realizing when they are spooked from the area and know your around.Time to go to a different spot then.
I can always tell in a new spot things could be productive today.Shooting primitive gear makes a person sharpen many other things besides hitting the target.
It'll happen....and when it does things usually are a lot calmer next time around.
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Re: hunting vs target shooting what am I doing wrong.
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One other thing no one brought up. Targets seldom move and if they do it's predictable movement. Deer do and any little thing can make them crutch, jump, run or do a 180 so fast your arrow can't get there in time. I just hunted with a bow for my first time last year. I limited myself to very close shots. I also limited myself to shots when only one animal was around. Like Ed said it's all about the hunt, enjoy it. Get yourself sit up for a close encounter. If you have to wait for it, wait and enjoy the hunt. Just watching deer slightly out of range that don't realize you are there is a fantastic confidence builder and super exciting. It also helps calm you down for when that time is right. Nobody likes to miss or worse yet injure a animal. Like Ed said get on the board. Pick a good shot, good angle something you can't miss. If you don't get the shot and let one walk you will feel better about it than if you take the shot and miss or wound it. You don't want to have such bad experiences that you give up before your successful. I know you can do it, you know you can do it. It's not easy most hunting isn't, but it's not impossible either.
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Re: hunting vs target shooting what am I doing wrong.
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great advice there from above,,
I have been hunting many years and when I practice I am a pretty good shot,,
but as said ,, the deer can move so you need to get close, ,ohhhh yes there are those that have killed the deer long range, but that is just not a high percentage shot,,
I hunted last year in texas and had deer at 25 and 30 yards,,, I have seen them get out of the way at that range to many times,, I just watched and knew I would get a good close 10 yard shot,,

well it didnt happen,, I would have stretched to 15,,  but that did not happen either,,, sooo,
I will try again this year,, I feel lucky,,,, :)

and i am not saying that you should not shoot over 15 yards, I am just saying that past that things may not be in your control,,, no matter how good the shot is,,,

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Re: hunting vs target shooting what am I doing wrong.
« Reply #18 on: August 31, 2017, 12:12:40 pm »
I read your post, and I looks to me that your misses are of the common type.  Are you drawing during the hunt the same as you practice?  I missed a ton until realizing that I draw shorter when sitting or "scrunched up" than in a desert wash standing tall.  And, I mean a lot of misses, some of which still hurt.  The arrow goes right under the deer, or lands a foot in front of the deer, aligned with the heart.  Pathetic.
Seems to me you can hunt, just need to connect.  You will connect.  Enjoy the journey. 

BTW: this primitive thing is so hard some hunters won't even consider it.  My compound buddies miss,with about $1000 worth of bow and at times I do not see how, but they do.  "Not enough time to range finder the deer, or a change in arrow rest, branch in the way, deer moves" etc...  For us, a steady bow hand can do the trick, if arrows are spined right.