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25th Anniversary White tail Classic.
« on: September 07, 2017, 03:12:48 am »
Twin Oaks Bowhunters
                                    1079 Ashley Rd. Chapmansboro,TN.37035

           25th Annual White-Tail Classic

 September 9-- 23/24 - 2017

The Classic will consist of two stages:

1.   A target shoot on September 10th   using 18 deer targets and 2 turkey targets placed at reasonable hunting ranges and in realistic hunting situations.

2.   An actual deer and turkey hunt on the opening weekend of the Tennessee deer archery season (September 24-25), using any legal means of hunting, at a location of the hunterís choice.  Deer and turkeys of either sex may be taken.  Deer and turkeys taken in Kentucky are acceptable.

3.   There will be two classes: compound and traditional.  The traditional class will consist of recurve, longbow or selfbow, with no sights or stabilizers.  A traditional team must shoot all traditional class.

Scoring for the Classic will be as follows:

1.   Target Shoot.  Scoring will be on standard 3D deer and turkey targets with 10 and 8 points for an arrow in a marked vital area (12 rings will not be used).  An arrow in a non-vital area will be considered a wounding shot and there will be a deduction of 3 points.  A miss will be scored as 0 points.  Target points must be used on arrows during the target shoot.

2.   Deer and Turkey Hunt.  Deer: one point per pound of field dressed body weight, plus five points for each antler point. An antler point will be judged using the Pope and Young determination and the decision of the official scorer is final.  Turkey: one point per pound of body weight, plus three points for each inch of beard length (rounded to the nearest inch) and two points for each 1/8-inch of spur length (two spurs combined).  Turkeys with multiple beards will only be scored on the longest beard.  Deer and turkeys must be harvested in accordance with appropriate state regulations.

Awards will be made to the top individual hunter in each class and to the top three-hunter team in each class based upon the total combined points in the target shoot and the deer/turkey hunt.  An individual hunter may weigh in a maximum of four deer and one wild turkey during the hunting stage of the Classic, but only the top scoring deer and the turkey will count for individual awards.  A team may weigh in twelve deer (maximum four deer per hunter) and three wild turkeys, but only the top three deer and the turkeys will count for the team awards.

Entry fee is $15 per individual and there is no team entry fee, however the team and class must be designated at the time of registration and prior to commencing the target shoot.

Registration for the Classic and the target shoot will be held on September 9 th at the Twin Oaks Bowhunters Archery Range located off U. S. Highway 41A south of Clarksville, Tennessee, (between Exits 11 and 19 on Interstate 24) at Oak Plains Road.  Follow the signs to the range which is across from Smithís Auto Salvage. Daylight till Dark.

Times for the checking in of deer and additional instructions for the deer and turkey hunt will be provided at the registration.

For additional information, contact Mark Baggett, [Pappy] (931) 362-3717.
  Anyone close by drop in to see us. It is a really laid back kind of shoot that I think most Hunters will enjoy.
TwinOaks Bowhunters
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