Author Topic: Anyone know of a source for sheep horns that will work for bows? Other advice?  (Read 1480 times)

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Im fortunate to live close enough to a gentleman named Tom Lucas who is gonna help me build my first sheep horn bow.  My understanding is that bighorn sheep works best(plus is cool becuase thats what the Shoeshoni used here where i live) but he warned me to stay away from the really big "trophy" horns as they seem to have flaws more often.  I think i read somewhere desert bighorn is another good sheep but hard to recall.

My question is what other sheep horns (or any horns in general) will work for a sinew backed horn bow?  Id imagine it would be easier to get horns from some breed of domesticated sheep but i dunno if that would work.  Im not looking to make an asiatic composite style right now so there wont be any splicing of mutiple horns with wood/etc.  Just horn and sinew.

Are there any sources you guys may know about other than me just gambling on a set from ebay, CL, the local antique store, etc.   Also what should i expect to pay.  He(Tom) told me $400-600 is common.  Darn im thinking thats a hefty price tag for a set of horns that may or may not make a bow.  Ive watched some youtube vids and read an article in PA.  What other advice would yall give?

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This should be posted on the "Horn Bows" page on this sight. I've got a few bighorn bows made in the last few years posted there as well as a couple other members.
 Rocky mt, desert or California bighorn works best. Alaskan dall or stone sheep work, but have more twist to deal with. Mouflon sheep works, but is thinner and harder to get a heavy bow. Trophy horns will almost always have good horn to work with under the scuffs and make a longer bow. They also cost more.The biggest concern is beetle damage. Look for little holes in the horn. Also look for a smooth, undamaged inner surface.   $4-600 is about right.
 Good luck