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Colorado hunting laws
« on: January 01, 2018, 04:08:16 pm »
Any of you folks that live in Colorado, could you clarify the hunting laws there?  Apparently I've been pretty spoiled living in Texas, but we dream of moving to Colorado and I can't believe the laws there if my understanding is correct.  So in Tx, if I go buy my hunting license and deer tags (they are actually included with the license, though I understand many states sell them separately), I can hunt on any private property as long as it's mine or I have permission from the owner (outside of city limits, etc).

So all I really want to know is, if I have 30or so rural acres in  CO (as a resident, not out of state), can I get my license and deer tags and hunt my own property?  Does the "draw" for deer tags apply to all hunters regardless of hunting locale?(here the draw only applies to certain public lands)If I understand correctly, a resident in CO isn't guaranteed deer tags in any year???  Seems to me it is very geared to cater to commercial hunting outfits and not the common man if that is the case.

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Re: Colorado hunting laws
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If you have been a resident for 6 months, you qualify for resident tags.  Each big game species is separate, deer elk, pronghorn, bear, sheep, mountain goat lion.  Generally the state is divided into game management unit, and you select where you want to hunt.  There are some wide area licenses, and land owners ca apply for tags for their land.  Go to and click on Hunting.  Small game, waterfowl, and turkey are separate tags, and may be statewide.  Brochures are published for each species.  If you were born on or after 1 January 1949, you need a Hunter Education Card, any state is valid.
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