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Re: Mojam then and now
« Reply #30 on: July 11, 2018, 05:23:35 pm »
   We are still not sure what to base the award certificates on. 170 yards is a good shot for a self bow. 200 yards is world class, most of the shots at the salt flats are well under 200 yards that I have seen. I am thinking straight self bows 170 yards+ recurve self bows 180+  and composite bows 180 for straight and 190 for some curves. The committee will discuss this after a couple of days of shooting.. Never been done before so we are kind of shooting from the hip here.
I'm realling looking forward to the results ..Steve.  Please post any and all info on the results.  Wish I could make it this year.  I might have a bow or two that could compete....
Thanking you in advance for posting the results..
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Re: Mojam then and now
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Ooohh, Arvin!  Body slam! >:D (lol)!
Steve, I for one would like to see/learn the release technique!  Might help my shooting in general!  I'm not even sure of the best angle for release in flight shooting. (SH)
See you all next week!
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