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Re: Your Hunting Style
« Reply #15 on: August 10, 2018, 12:22:15 pm »
I read somewhere about using turkey calls to bring in deer. Deer use turkey as danger alarms, and if a turkey is in the area, it must be safe.
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Re: Your Hunting Style
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Last year I had five Jake turkeys that everytime they showed up about a minute later three little bucks would appear.
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Re: Your Hunting Style
« Reply #17 on: August 11, 2018, 11:12:33 pm »
The biggest part of success is know the areas you hunt. I spend all year in the areas i hunt. In the summer i take hikes in my areas. I spend time set up in the woods glassing the deer/turkeys from a distance and see what areas they frequent. what trails they use and when. I have a tablet i keep notes in of old rub areas/old scrapes/where the oaks are and other feed/browse. I also mark in each areas the predominant wind directions. I also utilize trail cameras.(i know some in the primitive world) would frown apon using such a modern device. They are a great toll for success and can let you learn a lot about whats going on in a given area when you are not able to be there. Another big part of finding high percentage sets is to find out where the deer are bedding/turkeys are roosting. Just like us when they wake up they are going to look for breakfast. My favorite sets are between bedding areas and feeding areas. This is the best spot to set up hands down. During the rut hunt where the does are. most likely they will be close to feeding areas.I have found that they change there bedding areas also to avoid being bugged by love sick bucks. I find all of these areas by still hunting/stalking. walk slowly (only if conditions are in your favor) no dry leaves,swirling winds,keep the wind in your face,and use cover. doing this is how you find these areas. besides stalking i use tree stands place in those areas i talked previously about. In between bedding and feeding areas. i also set up on the ground when there are no trees big enough to tree stand hunt. Big logs,a small rise or cliff overlooking these trails.bushes,there are so many good spots on the ground. after season my hunting doesnt stop. I am in there looking for antler sheds to see what bucks made it.It is also easier to see the trails they are using and of coarse i mark these in my note book. Getting permission to hunt private land can be hard to obtain here where i live in PA. All of my hunting takes place on the Game Lands. There is plenty of good hunting in them but you cant just hunt by the parking areas. you need to get back in there where others are not as willing to venture. A good deer cart can haul stands in and deer out readily. well that was a lot more long winded than i planned but thats what i do.also good luck to every one this upcoming season and above all have fun.
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Re: Your Hunting Style
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How successful am I with my style of hunting ?  ???
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Re: Your Hunting Style
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Don't be afraid to try some calls too. I've gotten shooting at does using a predator calls. Just be ready to defend yourself as they come running to see what's there or help the distressed I'm not sure. I use this from the ground when up close to them. Bucks don't want anything to do with this calling.

Crazy never heard of that before, so like a fawn bleat? OR dying rabbit?
Yeah I'm not what I use. I don't know that it makes a lot of difference. I don't know if they come to protect the dying or i-d the predator. I have called a cow with a calf in also. Ed
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Re: Your Hunting Style
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Fawn distress calls early in the season will often get does to literally charge to the sound with eyes wide open and ears straight up. One problem, they are so alert its very difficult to draw and shoot a bow. It was much easier with a compound as I could draw and hold for a minute or so. I use my mouth for all deer vocalizations, sounds better than any plastic call will make. But it takes a lot of practice and of course your throat and sinuses have to be totally clear.
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Re: Your Hunting Style
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I was sitting next to a very large long leaf yellow pine blowing a fawn distress call one day. After about 30 minutes and nothing happened I went to get up and the big old doe that had sneaked up behind me blew and I almost soiled myself.  :o  She was so close to me I could feel her snort on my neck.
When does come in to a fawn distress call they come to fight and are very alert. I think it would be hard to get an arrow in one.
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