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Hey everyone!

Not sure you all know that Half Eye passed away last weekend.  He was a dear friend and a regular contributor to this site.  His expertise and detailed advice about bows and many primitive topics will be sorely missed.  He was diagnosed with lung cancer and was awaiting treatment options.  So sad that he is not with us..............but if you are like me..............his spirit and upfront candor will live on through me and my craft.  Every time a make a small hunting point (i called them girly points to Half Eye) I will chuckle a bit and feel his presence.  Hope many of you feel the same way.  Pray for Donna and the family during this time of great loss.

Sincerely on behalf of my dear friend Half Eye.

Dan Hamblin

Pat B:
Don, why don't you write an article for PA Magazine about Rich. I'm sure you can get lots of info and examples of Rich's work from members here. I'd be pleased to send you pics of the 3 bows Rich sent me. PA Magazine is always looking for articles and one about Rich would be appreciated.

Agree Pat B.   Let me know if there is anything I can contribute to an article.  Thanks for bringing up the idea.

Pat B:
Since you knew Rich so well why don't you write it?

        If you mean me, I am a terrible writer and wouldn't know how to begin...I would be glad to contribute any info I can or pictures...Just got of the phone with Donna 5 minutes ago and she is doing as well as to be expected...She will be moving to N.Carolina before winter arrives...Right now she is surrounded by family and friends...They had his memorial service today...I will think more on this, thanks Pat...


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