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Primitive Chef Offer Continues
« on: February 28, 2019, 09:55:05 am »
Hey all you Primitive Chefs out there on our message boards here is your opportunity to shine- the offer continues.
Primitive Archer Magazine is wanting to see the different gastronomic recipes you are creating for your family and camping events. 

We are CONTINUING  our offering a 3 year subscription to those who submit their very best recipe included with accepted high resolution pictures. and recipes will be printed with recognition in Primitive Archer Magazine in the Primitive Chef section.  The Chef will also receive 5 issues of the magazine in which their recipe is printed.  The guidelines for submission are below.  There is only one recipe entry per person so pick your very best, cook it up and take some great photos along the way.  We canít wait to see what you all share!


1.  Any type of recipe from appetizers to desserts are allowed.  You can include a whole meal with sides but that will be considered one entry.
2.  A SHORT WRITE UP of what inspired this recipe- doesnít have to be fancy but give us some background.
3.  PICTURES- we need a few good high resolution pictures that show the ingredients, process and finished product  There can even be a picture of friends or family enjoying your creation.  They must be clear, clean, and higher resolution.
4.  INGREDIENTS  - we need the ingredients listed and the correct measurements of each needed to make your recipe
5.  INSTRUCTIONS- we need clear direction on how to make this delicious masterpiece.
6.  The recipe must be an original.  Whether you made it up or it has been passed down in the family but has been tweaked along the way that is ok, it just can not be a reprint or taken from another person or entity.
7.  And donít forget to include your name as you want it printed in the magazine and the name of your recipe.

All submissions must be sent to AND

In the subject line please put:  PRIMITIVE CHEF SUBMISSION with the name of recipe and your name
In the body of the email:   include your name, address, phone number, email address, recipe and pictures

Your submission is your permission to print. Once your submission is received, complete with pictures that work for the magazine,  we will honor your 3 year subscription and you will receive a written receipt.  You can choose from print or digital subscription so let us know your preference.  If you currently have a subscription the amount will be added to the end of your current subscription. 

If you have any questions about your submission or about your pictures contact Marie at
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