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Osage: The rest of the story
« on: July 17, 2019, 11:26:48 am »
Forest Products Laboratories has extensive data on North American hardwoods and  softwoods. But for some reason,  while they catalog data of  green and dry  woods, they only have the green numbers for Osage;

I emailed them off and on for 20  years and  only  got ho-hum responses--UNTIL a week or so ago!  Finally one of their staff rooted out test data collected in 1961 that has numbers for DRY Osage.  The data for "work  to maximum load" is missing,  but MOE and MOR are there.

Here is a link to the full Osage test report:

No idea why the image is broken, but if you click on its link,you can view it.
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Re: Osage: The rest of the story
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Thanks for posting this!
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Re: Osage: The rest of the story
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Persistence pays off sometimes.
Thank you, sir.
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