Author Topic: Thank you heros of 9/11  (Read 963 times)

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Re: Thank you heros of 9/11
« Reply #15 on: September 11, 2019, 10:26:47 pm »
It's crazy to think I am now twice the age I was when this happened.  So much reflection to do....

Wish I could say the same Sleek. Could multiply it by three and you'd still need to add a few. I remember watching our POW's come home when I was in the fourth grade.
Unfortunately lots of generations are tested. I remember talking with Dave the tee shirt guys dad at Marshall the first year I went there. It was Memorial Day weekend and I noticed his hat and thanked him for his service. He thanked me and we visited for quite some time. Then he told me about his experience at the battle of the bulge. You could see how deeply it still effected him so many years later. He actually had to leave and I felt pretty bad. I didn't mean to bring up those memories. His son Dave was listening the whole while. He thanked me after his dad left and said he'd never heard those stories before. He said his dad was finally starting to talk and heal from it all. He passed away just a couple years later. I hope he found peace.
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Re: Thank you heros of 9/11
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@Deerhunter...I teach high school and I lived and worked about 3 blocks from the towers when I wasnít much older than you.  Regarding the kids who laughed...I hope you can realize that type of reaction can oddly be a normal way of dealing with seeing something so traumatic.  I know it seems strange but itís really a sign of their own psychological weakness.  As time goes by they will be forced to contend with their own perspectives, one way or another.

Lots of stories and people having lived there and family there.  9/11, the Patriot Act, and the overwhelming crush of technology that boomed at this time...society is very different.  Iím glad I knew America before it all, but, also work at seeing whatís positive today.  And, there are many things. Anyhow..