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-Khans Arrow- sponsorship information- Q & A
« on: October 16, 2019, 09:46:04 pm »
 Please welcome our new sponsor- Todd Mathis of Khan's arrows.  This is the perfect place to give him a howdy welcome, a thank you for being a sponsor - and a Q and A for him regarding bamboo arrows or any other. His website and email are below.  More about his company and contact information is found on his website.  He loves a good chat on the phone as well.  See bio below.

Todd Mathis is the owner of Khan’s arrows.  He has been an avid traditional archer for many decades.  He founded and is the past president of HORSE ARCHERY USA, which is the largest horse archery community in the United States.  He shoots horse bows which are primitive style bows with no shelf.  He has been making bamboo arrows for over 20 years, and that is his specific area of expertise.  His online store as well as BAMBOO ARROW UNIVERSITY, may be found at
He specifically makes two claims about his bamboo arrows.  The first is that if your form is good, you can group them into a teacup at 20 yards.  The second claim is that arrows made of high quality bamboo are the toughest arrows you will ever buy.  (Yes, tougher than carbon arrows).  Bamboo Arrow University is an ongoing project found on his website for those who want to make their own bamboo arrows and be successful with them.  The information is always free.  Call anytime for questions or advice about bamboo shafts and arrows.  He prefers a call and a good conversation, but you can also send him an email at anytime.
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Re: -Khan Arrow- sponsorship information- Q & A
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Thanks so much Marie.  I look forward to interacting in any way which will help people be successful with bamboo!