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Roman War Arrows
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Copies of Roman war arrows from 254 AD.  Excavated at Dura on the Euphrates back in the late 1920's, WWII interrupted the study and publications of the findings.  Dura fell to a siege in 254, a lot of items were found in a collapsed bastion, one arrow fragment still had it's fletching.  All arrows had Phragmite shafts with hardwood foreshafts.  Many of the fragments did not have points but were simply pointed wood.  The archers were shooting 90# Scythian bows, the attackers for the most part were not armored so the wooden arrowheads would have been adequate.  The paint schemes are quite intricate.  The XX Legion had been stationed at Dura for 100 years so they had plenty of time to be creative.  The iron arrowheads were cast with three edges.