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cayenne pepper Hot sauce!!
« on: September 13, 2020, 10:18:31 pm »
So i grew some peppers this year and i had no idea what they were but i knew they were going to be spicy. So they finally grew and it turned out to be some sort of cayenne pepper but smaller only about 2". so just for the fun of it... i tried one. bit it from the back to get all the seeds and lo and behold, with all my luck, they seemed to be spicier than normal cayenne. now i have no idea because i didnt have one to compare with, and i might just be really wimpy with spice (im pretty good with it) but i threw up i drank so much milk.... I came to the conclusion that this must be Carolina cayenne since their smaller than normal cayenne, have wrinkly skin, and are really hot. around 125,000 on the scoville scale. so of course... i made hot sauce!!!!

5oz dried cayenne (whichever) pepper (or just wing it like i did and use all the peppers and go along with it.)
vinegar around 1/4-1 cup (depending on how much and how diluted it will be)
4 crushed garlic cloves

so i blended the dried peppers up which was hard because they were more leathery than dry, stuck them in a pot, put around a cup of vinegar in, then the crushed garlic and let it simmer (make sure you got a mask, a window open, and some eyes of steel for maximum comfort! lol). the vinegar boiled down to about 1/2 a cup after 20 min after stirring occasionally and i stuck it in the blender and blended it for a good minute. I seemed to not have enough liquids so i added  1/4 cup more vinegar and blended some more. i then strained the blended stuff through a strainer with very small holes so only the liquid went through into a bowl. Thats your hot sauce!!! i got a very little amount of hot sauce but its so spicy because i think i didnt use a lot of liquids compared to how many peppers i used (around 50) but i love putting it on chicken or in ramen and stuff like that. just takes a dab and its got a slight bit of heat!
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