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Pic Limits?

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Trying to understand the limits on picture attachments. When I try to attach pictures the message box that pops up says the picture size limit is 250 kb. It also tells me the limit is four pics per message. Well I have a picture resizer for dealing with the size limit. And I can count to four.

Do I read elsewhere that the limit is six. And then I see on some of the posts where they have uploaded over twenty pics. Are there different limits for different classes of participants? I am not complaining I just want to know what the actual limits are.

Pat B:
Bill, I try to limit my pics to 6 per post like was originally was the rules here but sometimes I add one or two more.

Hmmmmm. I get error messages from the interface when I exceed whatever limits there are and my post is rejected. Is there a difference to if you provide links to Photobucket or something? I just upload pictures from my phone after resizing them.

Yooper Bowyer:
It says 4 per post, maximum total size 1200 KB, maximum individual size 250 KB.  I belive this is only for direct uploading.  outside links are different.  What I don't get is that 4x250<1200, so what's the deal with the maximum total size.

Don W:
The difference is "how"

Adding attachments the size and number is limited.
Embedding ( tags or use the button) the size isn't limited but they should be 800x600 or less or they're hard to see and you can add as many as you want. If there is a limit I haven't hit it.


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