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Buffalo horn and sinew (updateÖnew non traditional build)

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Ok so Iím looking for some appropriate Buffalo horn long enough to make a bamboo core composite horn bow backed with sinew.  I have seen some sources for Buffalo horn but seems like a risky venture and figured Iíd ask here to see where you guys are sourcing yours.  My goal with this bow is to keep draw weight to 45-50lbs.  I know itís little on the light side.  Just experimenting a little with composite bows and want some horn and sinew if anyone knows a good reputable source.  Thanks guys!  Dave

I have had good luck with these guys:

This is sane one I ordered as well.  Mine were eBay listing but same guys.  Seem good as far a I can tell so far.  Thanks


Hey Dave when are you planning on making this bow? I ordered some buffalo horns a few weeks ago and am planning on making one. Just curious because there aren't all that many posts on the buffalo horn bows. I think I'm gonna use either wild plum as the core wood or choke cherry.

Also are you planing on using the strip method and just butt splicing or doing the spiral cut method?

Ya actually I was just working on one recently that is a complex composite horn bow.  Itís heavily reflexed into a c shape.  I havenít been posting updates on here.  Maybe I should.  So far itís almost done to the point where I can start bending it.  Itís been almost a year curing and drying.  Little longer then it needed for sure but I had enough other things going on not to rush it.  Itís a tartar style bow.  Itís got a bamboo core wood that has been laminated with water Buffalo horn on belly and 3 layers of sinew on back.  I used a different approach to others on this one.  Iíll post some pics and see what guys think of it.  So far it feels heavy but time will tell. 


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