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« on: October 27, 2021, 01:40:20 pm »
Just thought I'd share this picture. I took the Badgerling out to a ranch where I did some hunting earlier this fall, looking for an arrow I had lost. We didn't find it (no big deal; it was a wooden blunt so it won't hurt anybody), but while we were wandering around this huge mare and her foal came over to say hi. She obviously understands that sometimes jackets and pockets contain good things; she kept nudging the Badgerling, sniffing her pockets, and gently tugging on her sweatshirts, as if to say, "Come on, I know you've got an apple or a sugar cube in there somewhere." You can just barely see the foal peeking around from behind mom, and the Wind River foothills off in the distance. We've never been able to keep horses, but we've always been blessed with neighbors who do. My daughter absolutely loves them and they love her.

Blessed by Whistling Badger, on Flickr
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Re: Blessed
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Re: Blessed
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Made my day  ;D
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Re: Blessed
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Cool picture!  Add a pouch for goodies!
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Re: Blessed
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Itís so nice when you know youíve been blessed.

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Re: Blessed
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Way cool  :OK ! Bob
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Re: Blessed
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 ;D ;D ;D ;D
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Re: Blessed
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Love that . Pappy
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