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Re: Doe for the freezer
« Reply #15 on: January 13, 2022, 08:11:24 am »
Yep, love my dogs. I feed them ,house them,pet and play with them and in turn they are always there when I need them, O they get mad at me when I correct them or put them in the kennel but never stay mad and always glad to see me, got to love that.  ;)
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Re: Doe for the freezer
« Reply #16 on: January 13, 2022, 09:20:45 am »
Yep once a dog sees you as his boss they never hold grudges for discipline adjustments.I'm not a self proclaimed dog whisperer or anything but training a dog and getting his or her trust is never to be violated by a short action of temper.All that time to get that trust can be ruined in 1 minute.Patience is the key.
It's a downfall done by many dog owners that should'nt ever own a dog again.Treating them like their human is another downfall.Leads to other discipline problems.They don't think like humans and the sooner humans realize that their all better off.
I've trained dozens and dozens of coon hounds Pappy.More work than what people realize.Did what they could to the best of their ability and that's ok.When you run across outstanding individuals standards are made then.I've been lucky enough in my lifetime to own 7 outstanding individuals.Excellent tempermant also.They took a back seat to none and I put them against the best in the country.All from the same strain I might add.
I treated them like kings and queens.They were always fed before I would eat.I always liked raising them from a pup so I had competition dogs/pup trainers/and upcoming competition dogs all on the same yard.
I was a trainer/hide hunter/breeder/competition hunter.The progression of a bonified coon hunter breeding his own will go in that order.When a person calls a dog a "coondog" around me it's saying a mouthful.
So much for that.It's hard for me to own a dog that does'nt have a job.A purpose.That's what they live for.It makes their life complete.
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