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Re: Monkey off my back
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Thanks guys, BJ I have won it twice over the last 15/16 years, it usually takes several years to get it done, with the 2 buck limit and once you get down to 1 or 2 bucks coming up with the right point count can take a while, ;) no big deal just something fun we do with the guys in the club  and it does sometimes get interesting when several get close.  :) The 40 year thing, has not all been done with a self bow but with Traditional bows, from 81 to 89 I hunted with a Big Horn recurve, 90/91 with a kohanah  long bow then from 92 to 99 with a Black widow recurve and from 2000 until now with my self bow, all the deer since 2000 have been taken with my self bows with 1 exception , I took one with a Boo backed yew Long bow Del the cat gifted me the year he came to the Classic, he wanted me to take as he called them  "one of the Kings deer " so I did.  ;) :) :) Ed in TN. the buck has to have at least 1 antler 3 inches to count as a buck, so buttons and anything with less than 3 inches of antler is counted as a doe or they call it antler less.  :)
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