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New borescope
« on: October 18, 2021, 09:10:23 am »
I had an el-cheapo $8 eBay bore scope, I actually have had two but one gave up the ghost and I bought another one. These are endoscopes OK and let you know what is going on in your B/P gun but not with a lot of definition.

For example; here is a TC bore as seen by my eBay endoscope,

I had held off on a quality endoscope because the wands I saw were not long enough to look down a long barrel flintlock. The other day I noticed the Teslong had added a long endoscope to their line, I had to have one, the cost was around $45.


They are so clear you will see stuff in your barrel you never knew was there and end up cleaning every gun in your stable. This endoscope is as clear looking to the side as straight on.

We have had a very wet fall here with up to 5" of rain in a 24 hour period, in spite of all my guns being meticulously cleaned and stored they all had rust in the barrels. Had I not looked with my new scope I wouldn't have known and caught the rust in time to put everything back into ship shape.

I found a lot of rust in my fowler barrel, nothing that a good scrubbing with a scotch bright cleaning pad couldn't turn back to a mirror finish.

Here is a picture of the breechplug in my fowler with the oily rust I removed from the barrel sitting on the breech plug, talk about clarity with my new borescope camera.

This camera takes great side views as well, this is a side view of a 50 year old Gustomsky trade gun barrel that had a good bit of rust in it when I checked it yesterday, the picture is after the cleanup.

This picture is of a TC barrel on a gun that hasn't been shot much, when I checked it yesterday it had surface rust in the grooves but not on the lands, it cleaned up well.

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