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Greetings from the pointy bit at the bottom of Africa


Hello, everyone.

Pete here in Somerset West near Cape Town, South Africa.

Firstly, thank you Marc for welcoming me to the forum today. Much appreciated.

So, other than the little knowledge I've gleaned reading some of the various posts, I don't know diddly squat about making a bow. Many years ago, when I was living in Oz, I decided to make myself a bow and secured a lovely stave of Rock Maple from a speciality timber merchant. I took it home and handled it, stroked it and eyed it....and never started. Business and life got in the way, so to speak. It's now sitting in a mate's material racks, awaiting the day.

I was recently gifted some pieces of oak offcuts, one of which seemed promising for making a bow and, we are.

98% of my tools and kit are still in Oz and I'm making do with some basic Chinese tools which I've purchased as interim kit. I have had some really good luck in the second-hand arena and found myself a nice 12" Goats Head draw knife, a cast spoke shave made in England (no brand visible) and a Bailey No. 4 wood plane.

So with my hatchet, an Opinel No. 6 pocket knife and a sanding block, I'm hoping I might get something close to a bow this time.

I look forward to learning from you all.

Best regards



Pat B:
Welcome to PA, Pete. With the tools you have available and the knowledge here on PA you should be able to complete your goal to build a bow.   :OK

Folks made bows with fewer tools than that! Welcome to the Forum!

Welcome to PA, Pete!  These chaps(and ladies, too) have a wealth of knowledge, as well as a sense of humor! (lol). 

Welcome Pete, hope you enjoy it here and with you new addiction. Sounds like you have a good selection of about all you need to make a stick bow.  :)


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