Author Topic: Congrats to Ronan (Weylin's son) for winning Sep-Oct Self Bow of the Month!!  (Read 1173 times)

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Let's hear it for young Ronan -- winning BOM with his very first bow!  Here's Ronan's winner:,70614.0.html


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Well done :) Great bow for your first, you must have a good teacher!

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Congratulations young man !!! Hey I got one right. Arvin
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Congrats young man, well deserved

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Nice work Ronan

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Great job dude! that was a really sweet bow! I hope we see a couple more from you!
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Very well deserved win.  Well done. Keep it up!
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Congrats Ronan, very sweet bow!

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A fine bow in every regard. The details of the nocks and grip put it over the top.

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Beautiful bow Ronan. It would appear you have been picking up a few things from the old man.

Hope to see more. Hope to see you keep up the family tradition.


PS Iím sure your parents are proud
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(This is Ronan Responding) Thank you for the support!